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Eric Crooks

Developer Advocate | Open Sourcerer | Web3 Pioneer


I'm Eric Crooks, a software engineer experienced in a variety of tech stacks across the entire software development lifecycle. I've worked on projects using different languages (typed and untyped), libraries, frameworks (software and project management), design patterns, workflows/pipelines, and infrastructures. My main focus these days is in Deno and Node and immersing into edge computing and web API interoperability.

Over the years, I grew a huge passion for making software development enjoyable and relatively easy for everyone, so you'll always find me striving to innovate, teach, motivate, write/maintain documentation, lower barriers, and anything else that improves the development experience (For everyone! Not just the coders!). Building and maintaining open-source is one way I get to do this outside of closed-source.

When I'm not coding hard in the paint, you can find me woodworking, taking a drive in a MINI Cooper, journaling, reading, or getting some rest.


Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn!