[Download My Resume]

Hi! I’m Eric Crooks—a MAMP stack web developer with extensive experience in WordPress sites.

In 2007 I started a WP blog to post pictures from my newly bought Nikon D50. I used the Qwilm theme for it’s simplicity, but later felt that it didn’t meet my needs. I looked into the theme’s code and started fiddling around with the XHTML and CSS. Little did I know I was actually crafting my skills to becoming the developer I am today. Web development is my passion and I LOVE contributing to the web. I can’t stress that enough. I love developing with new technologies and learning the best practices to fine-tune my skills in order to create beautiful functioning works of art.

I’m currently learning:
– C#
– Node.js – for that MEAN stack.

Longboarding is one of my new favorite pasttimes. However, a heavy workload from school and side projects don’t allow me to go out and do that as much. I used to b-boy and did that for about 7 years until I joined the military (which took over almost all aspects of my life for 4 years straight). In case you’re wondering, I was a footwork head, but I did have power just to smoke powerheads and trickheads -thumbs up-.

I received my Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Web Design from CSN in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, I’m working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in Web Development and Administration from DeVry University. Barring any delays, I hope to finish that degree in late December 2016 or early January 2017. On top of that, I’m using technologies such as Code School, freeCodeCamp, and Learn Verified to expand my knowledge of code and stay fresh in the game.